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We Have Been The Publishing Partners Of Several Authors. These Are Some Clients Whose Publications Are Doing Great Currently!

Josenaldo JoseJosenaldo Jose Ferreira da Silva Author of Emerge Stronger

Meet a theologian who is passionate about promoting psychological and emotional well-being. Josenaldo uses all his experiences to understand human emotions and empathy from a different perspective. His future books are likely to revolve around Emotional resilience.

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Nigel WaltonNigel Walton Author of In Perfect Harmony: Deep in Thought

Nigel, a humble plasterer, turned into a full-time poet. His sonnets and odes capture the essence of the human spirit and can easily stir the soul. From being a plasterer to receiving a Certificate of Education from Warwick University, his journey is as inspiring as his poetry.

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Alem A HaldyAlem A Haldy Author of Shadowed Desire: Desire is as dangerous as it is irresistible… (Romanov Brothers Book 1)

Alem surely knows how to use her words to take your mind off everything else and transport you to an imaginary world. The way she uses his storytelling skills, you can always expect an immersive experience from her write-ups. Writing has been a pleasant distraction for her from overthinking.

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Deborah WebsterDeborah Webster Author of Better Than Your Behaviour: Upgrading the Leadership Code for the Tech Age

With more than 15 years of experience across emerging markets, venture capital, and high-impact consulting, Deborah uses her business mind to guide global leaders and innovators in building ethical organisations. It is impressive how she uses AI capabilities to advance leadership.

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Eliza DamianEliza Damian Author of A Healing Connection: A Guide To Nurturing Relationships Through Therapy

Stir Love, Romance, And Understanding In Your Relationship With This Guide That Has Some Amazing Recipes To Enjoy A Happy Life As A Couple!

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John BellJohn Bell Author of Whispers Of Time: A Poetic Journey

John Bell’s journey into poetry began unexpectedly, like a hidden treasure discovered by chance. He was a retired nurse and got graduated from the University of Manchester and during those graduation days his dormant passion for writing was ignited at the age of 35.

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Ron MellorRon Mellor Author of Emily and Sara: Football Players

"Emily and Sara: Football Players" is a story about the beautiful game of football and how it instils a sense of resilience in people. This engaging write-up follows two inseparable friends, Emily and Sara, who share a passion for sports and an unbreakable bond.

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