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A Writer Who Capture Hearts

Sophie Thompson
Sophie ThompsonDubai

“I love reading Eliza. Her work is always refreshing. If you want to read something that can bring a smile to your face while solving any of your problems, she is the best author to opt for. Highly recommended from my side.”

James Parker
James ParkerOman

“Whenever you read something written by Eliza, it hits you deep in your mind. No other writer has this quality of capturing your emotions in such an impactful way. I recently read her latest book and it was again a masterpiece.”

Arhama Shaikh
Arhama ShaikhKuwait

“I became a fan of this writer after exploring her book, ‘A Healing Connection – A Guide to Nurturing Relationships through Therapy.’ It was a great write-up. After that, I read some of her other work and literally enjoyed every bit of it.”

About Eliza Damian

Allow us to introduce Eliza Damian, a writer who blends creativity and healing to recover heartfelt connections. With a diverse background spanning drama, acting, and journalism, Eliza's path eventually led her to become a Coach, Hypnotherapist, and TLT (Time Line Therapy) expert.

Driven by the passion for both writing and helping individuals navigate the complexities of their emotional ups and downs, Eliza hopped onto a mission to craft something that gives hope to struggling couples. Her brainchild, “A Healing Connection – A Guide to Nurturing Relationships through Therapy,” shows her effort to bridge the gap between love and therapy.

For Eliza, this guide isn't some kind of a love help manual; it's a labor of love, a fusion of her two lifelong passions—writing and aiding others on their journey to relational fulfillment. With each page turned Eliza hopes to ignite a spark of inspiration and provide the tools necessary for couples to navigate the complexities of their relationships with grace and resilience.

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