A four-step process that prepares your raw draft to enjoy unprecedented sales and royalties!

It does not matter what is the genre of your book. We are here to take it through the publication phase and bring more readers on board by promoting it effectively on our website. Your journey to becoming an author will be completed within just a few steps.

Draft Evaluation
Draft EvaluationStep 1

The collaboration starts with a discussion with the author and asking them to submit the draft. We try to capture the essence of their work and understand the vision behind this publication. The editorial team will take a good look at the manuscript to decide whether it is appealing and original enough to publish and promote. If it seems marketable, we’ll move to contract signing.

PreparationsStep 2

Once the author agrees to work with us, they receive a contract from us, which has to be signed before we proceed to the production phase. Our editors take your raw manuscript into their hands and refine it to perfection. All the necessary changes will be made, along with fixing the format and layout. We will then guide you through the whole publishing and printing process.

Impactful Marketing
Impactful MarketingStep 3

We will start promoting your book on our website even before it is published. There will be a portfolio that describes authors and their publications in detail to capture readers’ attention. It will take them straight to the platform where they can order an Ebook or paperback. Our innovative marketing plan will boost your book’s online presence and ensure high response rates.

Royalties With No CutsStep 4

You have reached the business end, and now it is time to reap the benefits of your hard work. We might have helped you become an author, but it is your publication, and you deserve all the credit for it. You do not have to split your profit with us. We offer royalty-free assistance and do not ask for any share in your book's sales. Enjoy a turnover that you richly deserve.

Royalties With No Cuts

We Are Accepting Submissions! Let’s Work Together!

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