Debbora Webster Book

Better Than Your Behaviour: Upgrading the Leadership Code for the Tech Age

By Deborah Webster

A Little Sneak Peek At The Book

Pick This One As Your Next Read To Hone Your Leadership Skills And Play Your Role In Transforming The Society!

The corporate world is at an inflection point as moral wisdom is being overpowered by technological advancement. At such time, ‘Better Than Your Behaviour’ proves to be an essential read for all aspiring leaders. Webster took the challenge of confronting the profit-first attitude and smartly guided readers through mental blindspots that negatively impact ethical decision-making. She is here to expose rationalisations through riveting case studies and support leaders under pressure with empathy and analytical insights that can lead to necessary sustainable choices.

Better Than Your Behaviour is not an ordinary read that you pick to spend your weekend. It is a transformative guide that pushes everyone to examine their inner operating system, pick the flaws, and upgrade it. She highlights the importance of engaging in collective ethical leadership. Webster has shared a roadmap for sensible leadership based on integrity by merging personal growth with societal change. If you are passionate about leaving a positive impact in this complex world, this book is a must-read for you. You would surely not want to miss out on such a classic.

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  • Published: 11/Jan/2024
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Reviews From The Critics

“This publication is a gift for the business community from Deborah. She has encapsulated all the main points about ethical leadership and understanding societal change. Grab your copy now because it will sell out in no time.”

--Lauren Evans

“We are about to make a prediction. This book from Deborah is going to rule this category of publications. You won’t find any other manuscript that delivers such a strong message about leadership in such an impactful way.”

--Brian Higgins

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