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Deborah has published an absolute masterpiece. Her book covered a very important aspect of leadership. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this highly informative and engaging book. Her knowledge and wisdom is simply sensation.


I am a big fan of Deborah as she sees the corporate world from a very different perspective. If you have a legit business mind, then there are messages hidden in every line of her writings. I have learned a lot from her publications.


She is a true inspiration for the whole business community. The way she puts forward her points in her write-ups never fails to impress me. I eagerly wait for her new publications because once you start reading her, it becomes an addiction.

About Deborah Webster

Deborah Webster is a corporate expert who sees ethical business practices from a very different perspective. She is known for giving global business leaders and innovators a direction to creating organisations poised to thrive in the digital future. All this knowledge and wisdom that she puts on display in her write-ups come from her 15+ years of experience in emerging markets, venture capital, and impactful consulting. She possess a unqiue interdisciplinary insight and blends profitability with purpose, which sets her apart. The way she suggests different ways to leverage AI to advance leadership makes her a true tech-era business visionary.

The downfall of Theranos, Greensill, and OneCoin was predicted by Deborah in advance. It showcases her ability to identify malpractice indicators well in advance. Since she was able to identify early warning signs beforehand and has a critical foresight into mismanagement indicators, there is a framework she has developed using these skills and her research. This framework merges ethics with business operations. She has had several collaborations with investment firms and leaders across various sectors and has played a vital role in crafting solutions that connect technology, responsibility, and societal impact.

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