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"I have just completed Ron's new book. It was one of the best stories that I have ever read. The twists and turns are packed throughout the story, and you can never anticipate what's gonna happen in the next scene. A masterclass from this author."


"I have read all of Ron's write-ups and always found his work inspirational and entertaining. Even my children love his stories. He is so good with his art that he can easily win anyone's heart. Literally, an author that you all must explore at least once."


"There is something unique about this writer. My kids and I are big fans of his books. We even set up reading sessions at our home just to enjoy his stories. You can connect with the emotions he portrays in his narratives. A great writer without any doubt!"

About Ron Mellor

Ron is a retired schoolteacher with a lifelong passion for sports and storytelling. Throughout his teaching career, Ron was not just kown for his dedication in the classroom but also for his dynamic presence on the sports field. His journey into coaching began in college, where he earned his initial football coaching certificates. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and excellence, he later advanced to the prestigious UEFA 'A' license at St. George's Park, the FA's National Training Centre.

Beyond his professional achievements, Ron has always found joy in sharing stories. He is immensely talented in composing captivating tales, and his children have benefited the most from this talent. He was teased by his colleagues about writing his tales down after hearing him in school assemblies. Taking their advice to heart, Ron started a new journey as an author. His debut book, "Three Children and a Captain," was a heartfelt gift to his grandchildren, who were the inspiration behind that narrative. Following its success, he penned "The Lion of the Motorway", a delightful collection of short stories about an escaped lion whose kind and heroic actions fascinate every reader.

Currently residing in the scenic and charming county of Worcestershire, Ron enjoys a peaceful life with his wife and their cocker spaniel dog. His days are filled with the simple pleasures of gardening and long walks, during which he finds inspiration for his next stories. His latest literary work revolves around two best friends with a shared passion for football. The story captures their thrilling journey and relentless pursuit of their dream to become professional football players. As the narrative unfolds, readers are kept on the edge of their seats, wondering whether the girls will achieve their aspirations. The book is not just about football; it's a tale of friendship, determination, and the magic of dreaming big.

With each new story, Ron Mellor continues to capture minds and win hearts, proving that it's never too late to start a new chapter in life.

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