Nigel Walton Book

In Perfect Harmony: Deep In Thought

By Nigel Walton

A Little Sneak Peek At The Book

You Need To Explore This Book If You Enjoy Soulful Poetry And Rhymes That Can Reach Directly To Your Heart!

Discover the enthralling universe created by Nigel Walton, where powerful words are backed by soothing melodies. This artistic poet has spent his whole life in creating poetic tales that speak to the core of the human soul. They are so effective because they have heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals.

This book is a journey for readers. Every page has a story to tell about the talent of Nigel and his extraordinary skill in composing rhymes effortlessly. From the beginning of his songwriting career to the times he has owned the stage, every moment will be cherished. This book is a celebration that pays tribute to an artist who has won so many hearts with his soul-stirring poetry.

You will be able to discover the mindset that goes into crafting such classic poetry. Nigel’s story is an inspiration for everyone as it has passion, creativity, and an emotional bond between music and human soul. Go deep into his poetic work and let his melodies inspire the artist within you by moving your soul.

  • RRP: د.إ73.42
  • ISBN: 1916996175
  • Published: 28/Dec/2023
  • RRP: د.إ58.73
  • ISBN: 1916996175
  • Published: 28/Dec/2023
  • RRP: د.إ29.35
  • ISBN: 1916996175
  • Published: 28/Dec/2023

Reviews From The Critics

“We recently reviewed several poetry collections from different writers. This one from Nigel clearly stood out from the rest. It was exceptional in every aspect, from perfect rhyming to impactful words.”

--Eric Stevens

“Nigel has done a great job with his recent publication. They were not like same old sonnets with cliché references. There was something different about his verses which truly touched the heart.”

--Martha Xavier

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