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A Magical Poet

Amalia Haris
Amalia HarisOman

“John Bell’s poetry is so indulging. He blends his life experiences with the elegance of poetry in such an amazing way that it will take away your heart. I am literally a big fan of his delightful verses. His latest book is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and beauty in everyday moments.”

Maham Asfahan
Maham AsfahanOman

“In John Bell’s poems, I found a kindred spirit. His words have a touch of simplicity and profundity of a life well-lived. When I first read his work and witnessed how he painted everything with such vividness and emotions, it felt as if I were walking alongside him. It feels great to have such amazing talents in our poet community.”

Jason Bruneli
Jason BruneliKuwait

“You can never imagine that this poet started writing when he was 35. After reading his poetries, it feels like he has been writing since ages. It is important for a poet to have magic in his or her lyrics. John is truly a magician by that reference. The way he captures unique perspectives is something that I have experienced in a very few poets.”

About John Bell

John Bell’s journey into poetry began unexpectedly, like a hidden treasure discovered by chance. He was a retired nurse and got graduated from the University of Manchester and during those graduation days his dormant passion for writing was ignited at the age of 35. Before setting foot on campus, John had never penned a single verse, nor he felt the muse’s gentle nudge. But during the bustling life academia, John found his soul’s true calling.

The beauty of poetry unfolded before him, transforming routine moments into lyrical masterpieces. It was as if the rhythm of life itself began to whisper to him, revealing stories and emotions he never knew were hidden inside him. Each poem he crafted became a reflection of his lived experiences. His poetry was shaped by the adventures that made a crucial impact on his life. In his verses, you will find a sense of wonder and introspection.

John’s recent collection is more than just a book of poems; it is like a diary that notes down his life’s journey, a map of the heart marked with moments of joy, sorrow, love, loss, and revelation. His poetry packs a punch of authenticity drawing readers into a world where every line is a window to a memory, and every stanza is a step in his personal adventure. Enjoy the heartfelt narratives and lyrical grace that define John Bell’s work and be a part of his poetic celebration.

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