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"Michael is someone to watch out for as he is on his way to take over the literary world. You can expect him to come up with a few more classics in the near future that will be as captivating as his last book, 'Survival.' One of the modern-day greats!"


"I was so impressed by his writing skills that I went to attend one of his signing events and got a copy signed by him. He is such a humble character and an inspiration for his readers. When you look at his personal journey, it is filled with courage, and his stories have that touch as well."


"Reading Michael's work is like going on an adventure. Expect the unexpected twists from him. He surely knows how to keep his readers hooked till the climax. You can call him an ideal author for these modern-day readers, but he likes to play with conventional themes in his write-ups."

About Micheal Leckie

Michael Leckie is a man whose life story is all about courage, dedication, and passion to serve his country. With an impressive 33-year career in the Australian Army, Michael's journey is marked by his exceptional service and remarkable achievements. Rising through the ranks, he earned the esteemed title of Warrant Officer Class Two before his eventual promotion to Captain, showcasing his leadership and expertise.

Throughout his military career, Michael was stationed in various locations across Australia, gaining invaluable experience and a deep understanding of the complexities of military life. His adaptability and resilience were honed through these diverse postings, preparing him for the pinnacle of his career – a deployment to Iran in 2004 and 2005. This period proved to be the most significant and impactful phase of his career, as he faced the intense challenges and dangers of serving and surviving in a war zone.

The commitment to his country and fellow soldiers during this time truly reflects Michael's character. Despite the difficult and scary environment, he remained positive and dedicated to his mission, driven by a thoughtful sense of duty and the desire to make a vital difference. His courage and selflessness in the face of adversity earned him the respect and admiration of his peers and superiors alike.

Now a proud veteran, Michael continues to inspire those around him with his incredible story of service and sacrifice. His experiences have shaped him into a resilient and insightful individual, and he remains a valuable asset to his community. Whether sharing his knowledge, mentoring young soldiers, or simply being a symbol of strength and integrity, Michael's impact is far-reaching.

Beyond his military accomplishments, Michael's personal journey is equally compelling. He has shown selflessness and pride in almost every aspect of his life. When you look at his story, it is not just one of military achievements but a narrative of dedication to a higher cause. His life stands as a powerful example of what it means to service with honour, bravery, and chivalry.

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