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I highly recommend Josenaldo and his publications to all those readers seeking both spiritual and emotional growth. He understands human emotions like no other and tells us how to face the harsh realities of life.


I recently finished reading Emerge Stronger. The way he used his life experiences to get the message across about emotional resilience was beyond remarkable. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to end.


The way Josenaldo approach emotional well-being is both practical and profound. His diverse cultural background shines through in his writing. I eagerly await more of his work as you just can’t get enough of him.

About Jose Ferreira da Silva

Meet Josenaldo, a passionate theologian on a quest to clear the path to emotional well-being for people who struggle to face the curveballs that life throws at them. Starting his educational journey in theology, he has expanded his horizons with ongoing studies in psychology at Open University. Josenaldo precisely blends his theological insight with psychological understanding to produce literary masterpieces that have a profound impact on the human mind. With one book already on emotional well-being, he is committed to producing more classics on the same topic.

Having travelled the cultural landscapes of Brazil, Portugal, Spain, England, and Norway, he sees human emotions like empathy from a different perspective. His mission is clear: to endorse emotional resilience through every platform and media channel. Reading, hiking, socialising, and working out are some of his hobbies that support his mental and emotional well-being. As a former pastor in small churches across Brazil and Portugal, Josenaldo draws from a deep well of spiritual insights. He brings this spiritual touch to his writing to inspire readers to embrace emotional resilience and emerge stonger from life’s challenges.

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