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Shadowed Desire: Desire Is As Dangerous As It Is Irresistible… (Romanov Brothers Book 1)

By Alem A. Halday

A Little Sneak Peek At The Book

One Of The Best Dark Mafia Romance That You Will Ever Read With A Twist Of Forbidden Love

In the middle of the mysterious corridors of power, influence, and deception, emerges a formidable figure – Alexei Romanov, known as Viper. He is the elder sibling of the Romanov family. Leading a dominant mafia dynasty, he commands both fear and admiration. His merciless reputation and extreme brutality are the reasons why Romanov has so many enemies.

Within Alexei’s perilous world, there was no concept of love. However, a fateful encounter with Natalia, a gentle and innocent girl with captivating features from a rival mafia family, alters the course of his icy existence. She guards a clandestine truth that threatens to resolve the longstanding feud between their families – an unexpressed infatuation with Alexei that has endured for years.

Natalia provided warmth that melted the cold and icy existence of Viper. The prohibited attraction between them was at a stage where there was no way back. The flame was igniting and challenging the age-old enmity between both families.

Alexier “Viper” is waiting for you to follow him on this enthralling story of power, love, deception, and betrayal.

Watch how Romanov and Natalia take their story ahead while navigating all the hardships that arise because of their forbidden romance. It will be exciting to see whether they surrender to the voice of their hearts or will history come in between their relationship and make their future more dark and gloomy.

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  • Published: 16/Dec/2023
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Reviews From The Critics

“You have to be at the edge of your seat once you start reading this gripping tale. I got so invested in reading this amazing story that I finished it quicker than I expected. It is one hell of an experience.”

--Kyle Rogers

“The elements of love and betrayal are portrayed in this story in a profound way. There is a twist waiting for you at almost every other line. You will thoroughly enjoy reading this captivating narrative about forbidden love.”

--Tariq Farooqi

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